You People Who Come Here

In response to “you people who come here” comments.

I have never seen such an outpouring of support, in defense of immigrant families of colour, in my entire life. And yes, I’ve been a Chinese Canadian since birth, growing up in a very white neighbourhood. So I’ve paid attention.

For the first time, it is no longer out of place to see this response uttered by someone outside of my progressive arts circle:

“If you are not indigenous to this land, or if you weren’t brought here as a slave, then you come from an immigrant family. Period. You are a settler. You are you people too.”

Slow. Clap. Thank you.

As much as I don’t particularly care for the whole Don Cherry debacle, it was encouraging to be able to take a backseat to these conversations around his loss of employment, and watch others speak up for those who are talked down to. I feel relief. We’re finally doing this together as a country.

And I just want to thank everyone who has found their voice and are standing up for those who are Othered. That’s as contemporary Canadian as you can get🍁




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