Standing Up for Education

It was -12° out there today, but as my colleague in crime aptly put it: We don’t feel the cold. We feel the cuts to education. And it cuts the kids more than the cold! #FeelTheCuts #CutsHurtKids

Special thanks to my dad who came by to drop me a hot chocolate to warm my belly ♥️ Our school support and admin staff came by too, and lots of cars honked in support of us and our picket line. All in all, a gratifying day.

And because we were so bundled up in our snowpants, I took the opportunity to lie in the snow. Because how could I not, after walking almost 9km and 13000 steps along Keele St.

Next steps: WRITE TO YOUR MPPs. WRITE TO STEPHEN LECCE @slecce, our Minister of Education. They have to know that if they don’t push Ford to reverse his cuts, WE WILL VOTE THEM OUT. Loud and clear. Please help. This is about making sure our kids get the quality of education they deserve. High quality public education is the cornerstone of a democratic society. We know this. Let’s make sure it’s not degraded by people who want to turn it into a for-profit industry.

To anyone who is interested in having a conversation about this topic in a manner that demonstrates mutual respect, genuine curiosity, and an open mind, I welcome the opportunity. Feel free to contact me. Let’s chat.

#CutsHurtKids #FeelTheCuts #Solidarity #PublicEducation



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