The Educator’s Coaching Network

I’m launching a network. Join our mailing list.

Mission: to support stakeholders of education in their journey to becoming more mindful and trauma-informed in their practice within an anti-oppression framework.

Countless numbers of us, even within our work environments and personal connections, feel as though we are putting in this labour alone. Working hard to support our students within a system that seems more hell-bent on maintaining a clean, status quo image than creating necessary change – it can be a very isolating experience. Scary too. Because those of us who do the work, especially BIPOC and gender queer and disabled folk, encounter abusive resistance. We come across anger. We come across people who will go out of their way to harm us and tear down our efforts to create a more just world for our children.

So I’m going to connect us all. Lofty goal. But there it is. There’s a power in numbers, there’s a power in knowing we’re not alone, and there’s a power in feeling the support so that we don’t feel that the weight of the world is on one solitary person.

I’m launching the Educator’s Coaching Network – in fact, I’ve already done a soft launch. With the support of some incredible educators, we had our very first Discussion Panel in April about everything equity, which went so well. I’ll write about it over the next week to reflect on what we’ve learned from our panelists. We look forward to the next one in August.

Thanks for being here on this journey with us as we build this thing. Join our mailing list, or reach out to me at mskarenau -at- gmail -dot- com for more information. It’s important work. We hope to do it well.



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