Ms Karen Au


Philanthropy education. Musical theatre and the arts. Social media.

Join me as I attempt to mish-mash these 3 passions of mine into one fulfilling career. Wish me luck!

p.s: I’m slowly, but surely, compiling tabs that describe my position with each of my passions. Please bear with me as I inch along. I have difficulties marketing myself so literally o.O

In the meantime, feel free to ask me any random question you’d like here at! (Don’t be a jerk and spam me though, or else I’ll be forced to make the form “members only”.)



3 Responses to "About"

Musical theatre?! I envy you.

Sounds like a full load, but sounds like you’re passionate so I’m sure you’ll push through. I’m still barely getting my blog together as well, but I like the way yours is looking so far.

Nice place this is. Best:)

It’s good to see you’re still writing on the blog Karen. I actually just looked at mine for the first time in months. Debating on whether or not to keep it, since it’s been so long. I’ve been writing a lot more, but moreso for others and work rather than introspection and fun. It’s good to see I was so positive and inspiring, it fuels me nowadays. I got so many updates and what not. Keep going!

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Creating a philanthropic life through education, the arts, social media, and love.
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